Digistar syntax highlighting for Vim

The Digistar planetarium software from Evans & Sutherland uses a domain-specific scripting language. The software includes an IDE, but naturally only runs on licensed machines. In my planetarium we have only two such machines, one of which is running the planetarium itself and is therefore often unavailable for use. Additionally, sometimes I want to work on scripts at home. The .ds files are saved as plain text, so can be edited anywhere, but I've been wanting to have some syntax highlighting—particularly given how many keywords exist in the language.

Luckily, Digistar is an extremely well-documented software, and so I took to the manual and am working on creating a Digistar syntax highlighting file for Vim. I've never written such a file before, but I found it to be reasonably simple after reading through the available documentation. Still a work in progress, but already in a largely usable state.

Get vim-digistar on GitHub.